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 so last night i asked cheery if she wanted to go out for some ice cream, you know just so we could get our daily fix of each other :) 
anyway i only expected our little outing to last for about no more than an hour but i got to her house at 8 and i didnt leave until 1am. to say i was blissful is an understatement. Man i am freaking heels over head for this girl.honestly i dont even knw how to put into words how amazing it is when we're around each other...

so im home in miami....and here's whats up so far
 1) first person i saw was cheery & it was amazing i swear i fall for her a little bit more everytime i see or talk to her

2)lovein spendin time with the nieces and nephews 

3) saw a couple of very close friends, still makin my rounds to see the rest

4) had a nice little humble with a couple of friends at a park @ night under a slide


6)having sister time

7)have some car trrouble

wonder what else this week has in store for me

wooo hooooo
 i go home today, in a couple of hours. im taking my last final exam then its miami baby! god i miss my family, my friends, "cheery" i miss it all. im going to enjoy this little vacation. 

i dont even know how this is gonna turn out but here goes
Dear cheery,

I FUCKING LOVE YOU,YOU MORON. i have no idea how this happened but it has and dont get me wrong i dont think we should be together just yet but knowing you're talking to some other guy who can actually see you everyday drives me crazy, and makes me more than a little bit jealous. Plus there's no one else that i see, just you, when the hell did that happen because as i recall when we met i was talking to about 3 different girls. Just hurry up and come back to me,because although im not gonna go and try to meet other girls up here i cant wait forever cheery.

what's been going on
 me and rebecca(the good roommate) are in a roommate war with the cunt (obviously the bad roomate) and its safe to say were winning by basically not being childish or feeding into her childish behavior because seemingly just gets madder and madder and vents through various facebook statuses (stupid cunt). oh yeah i pitched 3 stories and got a perfect score on my pitches, which is very good news considering how nervous i was about it.. The past 2 days have been hella hot so today is surf shorts, a white v neck, and slip on vans in school today. :) No school friday and there's a party at my friend woody's house and i basically me and my friend mike are in an unofficial beer pong battle, hopefully i win because if i don't mike's gonna talk shit forever. So i'm gonna work on my treatment so later lj friends.

 ....also,why do i have this lame layout did i miss something?

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my roommate's 21st bday
 whoa im up early, well early for me considering that i went to sleep at around 3 last night. my arm is still sore from bein boom op last night i need a massage asap.anyway storytelling class is today, i love it, also im feeling very shane today :) so yeah im gonna be hot, and yesterday i had the weirdest urge to skateboard so i might do that tonight depending on how tired i am. uh oh thunder storms rolling in, man i wish i could enjoy it being inside instead of being caught in it on my way to school and miserable and cold for the rest of the class period. anyway im gonna pick out clothes and then shower and what not,l8ter

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 shit! i got one more day left in my school week and i am beat! storytelling is way cool, my lab instructor is a cool dude and he knows his shit.sound for film lectures are hella boring but fortunately i have read up to chapter 8 and he basically teaches the book and were only on chapter 4 so i just sit back and watch a movie while my professor does his thing. Sound lab was awesome today, can i just say the boom mic people have the hardest job on set in my opinion christ my arms hurt like a mother. so yeah we learned about diff mics and shit, then we learned proper boom technique (which again is hard as hell) and then we got to shoot a scene, my group had an interrogation scene and i was camera operator which was super cool.but ladies and gentleman the best news is that paramore apparently is filming a new music video where i am and my lighting instructor is doing the dp work on it, so tomorrow im gonna ask if i can do grip or dp for the shoot.he likes me alot so it shouldnt be too hard, hes a really cool guy. oh yeah about 3 days ago i got fuckin ripped smokin pot i got paranoid as fuck, it was not fun let me tell you.lol anyway im pretty tired so iim gonna end this here.ciao!

bored in class
 so sound for film is......BORING. Dont get me wrong i think that the class itself can be interesting but this first day is killing me slow. i cant wait for lab though, which is right after this, thats where i shine with the hands on stuff. i dont take storytelling until tomorrow but im so excited i think im going to write at least two more shorts tonight. yeah i probably wont, but i already have two ready for class tomorrow so im ahead right now.

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 been stoned since thursday afternoon after i took my last final. monday i start sound for film and storytelling class so im really excited for that, this weekend is like my last hoorah (if thats how you spell it). my roommate annoys the fuck out of me, she seriously says "like" more than any other word in the english language, and she sounds like she's always drunk and insists on playing horrible fucking music as loud as she can, oh yeah and also never buying any groceries, instead opting to eat everyone else's food. tonight is kate's party, should be pretty sick, tomorrow is another bbq so that too should be cool as well. idk if i dont make a connection with someone soon i think im going to scream, im so tired of going through the same drama with the same girls i left back in miami, i need to start fresh. my nose itches, lol. but hey whatever i dont really have anything else on my mind, so im stopping here :)


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