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So without fail this always happens...
I abandon my journal, i suck for it, but hey i have been abnormally busy in my defense.
Oh man i was just going over my entries and jeez i was a whiny emo twat. God i feel like that stuff happened years ago i'm in SUCH a different place now. So let's catch up, shall we?

1.) My career is really on my mind, the way i see it everything else (i.e. relationships) can fall into place later, i'm not too focused on that

2.) I'm officially a filmmaker, my first written and directed short 'Period.' is in post production. You have no idea how it feels to see something you imagine in your head come to life before you and to have it forever preserved on celluloid.

3.) I graduate in 3 months and yikes! That's kind of scary, but i'm totally ready for whatever comes. I don't expect to be anything less than successful.

4.) This new outlook on my life, compliments of a very good friend of mine really makes me happy, i'm diggin it.

5.) I have 2 weeks off from school, I'm going back home to Miami on monday for a week and while i'm there i plan to write another script to pitch. Only i don't know what about yet.

That's all i got for right now

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CONGRATULATIONS! One of my friends is in school for film making and editing and all that stuff and she makes it sound interesting.

I know what how it feels to look back at old entries/journals and realize how much you've grown. But without all that shit you wouldn't have made it, so, there you go.

Welcome to my friendslist... continue to update, I love reading people's journals :).

Thanks....sweet defaut, lucille ball right?

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