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Most Beautiful Plague chapter 1-Sink into me
title:most beautiful plague


Emily is new to roundview and is immediately attracted to the mystery that is effy stoneham.

Chapter 1

The halls of Roundview College were busy with students of all kinds. To the left of Emily were a couple of girls who looked to be chavs bickering with each other, and to the right she saw a group of guys. One of the boys had short, shaggy black hair, one had short, dirty blonde hair, and the other had curly hair. The curly haired boy was on the ground being tickled by the blonde, while the shaggy haired one looked on, somewhat bored with the scene in front of him, Emily was amused by what she saw. The bored looking one noticed Emily watching, and offered her a small smile, she did the same before retreating to her homeroom.
She was the 3rd to arrive in her class before the bell rang so she could meet her teacher Kieran and give him all of her transfer information.
“Right, sit wherever you’d like then yeah? I don’t really give a piss.” The scruffy haired teacher said as an after thought.
“Right.” Was all Emily gave, as she turned to find a seat. All the desks in the class seated two people, almost like the ones you would find in a biology class. Emily chose a desk in the back row figuring that it would be less likely that she would potentially be in someone’s seat. Emily busied herself reading the novel she had brought with her, The Holy Innocents. Not 5 minutes had passed before the class was almost entirely full. No one sat in the seat accompanying Emily, however, the shaggy haired boy who had smiled at her earlier was in the next desk over. The bell signaling the start of homeroom rang, and Kieran took roll. “Abigail Sweetin.” A blonde girl with green eyes raised her hand. “Nathan Burrows.”
“Here.” A boy with a buzz cut answered.
“Fredrick McClair”
“Oi.” The shaggy haired boy answered while raising his hand momentarily.
“Elizabeth Stoneham.” A gorgeous, frail looking brunette with piercing blue eyes and heavy eye shadow entered the room gracefully.
“Present.” The girl answered nonchantly.
“Right on time, yeah?” Kieran retorted. Emily was elated when the brunette occupied the seat next to her, she found the girl mezmerizngly beautiful, and she was defiantly the hottest girl Emily had seen at Roundview so far. Kieran Finished taking roll a few minutes later, with Emily’s name being last. Apparently homeroom at Roundview meant the teacher took roll, and the class did whatever they want until the bell for 1st period rang. The brunette sat staring out the window, Emily took the oppturnity to introduce herself, she tapped on Effy’s shoulder. The brunette girl turned to Emily as if she was broken out of deep thought.
“Sorry, just thought I’d introduce myself, since were neighbors. I’m Emily.” Emily held out her hand for Effy to shake. Effy eyed Emily’s hand, but didn’t shake it. “ Effy.” Was all the mysterious brunette uttered. Emily put her hand down. “Nice to meet you.”
Effy offered Emily a sideways smirk as a response. Emily, not wanting to bother Effy further goes back to reading her book. Effy observes the redhead for a few moments before going back to looking out of the window.
When Emily stepped into the hallway to go to her next lesson she was stopped by the shaggy haired boy. “Hi, I’m Freddy.”
“Emily.” The two of them continued to walk down the hallway. “So you’re new here, obviously, so I thought I’d introduce myself, show you to your next class maybe, if you needed it.” Emily smiled, although she thought that maybe Freddy was trying to find an oppturnity to hit on her, which wasn’t going to work since the red head knew she was a lesbian since she was 11. “That’s sweet of you, thanks.”
Freddy gently took her schedule out of Emily’s hands. “hey, we have 2 other classes together, not including lunch period. The class you’re looking for right now is just a little down the way, come on.”
Emily followed Freddy, and thanked him before he took off to his own class. Before she walked in, Freddy turned around walking backwards down the corridor. “Find me at lunchtime, yeah? I’ll get you introduced to some proper mates of mine.”
With that, Emily went into her class.

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I always wanted to write a teenage or young adult reality show. I love where this is going, more soon?

this is actually fanfiction that i just forgot i posted here, i'm up to chapter 18 on this, here's the link:

awesome, tell me what you think

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